Agricultural Operations

Modules and units will contain training specific to dairy and almond farming operations. This will include tractors, almond harvesting and any other powered Ag production equipment.

Module 1 Dairy Operations
Unit 1 Milker Safety
Unit 2 Dairy Safety - Spanish Part 2
Unit 3 General Cattle Handling Safety
Unit 4 Dairy Cattle Handling
Unit 5 Bobcat Skid-Steer Loader Safety
Unit 6 Agricultural Tractors
Unit 7 Safety Brief - Bull Hazards
Unit 8 Safety Brief - Tractor Hazards
Module 2 Tree Nut Operations
Unit 1 Orchard Safety
Unit 2 Pesticide Safety English Part 1
Unit 3 Pesticide Safety English Part 2
Unit 4 Pesticide Safety Spanish Part 1
Unit 5 Pesticide Safety Spanish Part 2
Unit 6 Orchard Safety (Spanish)
Unit 7 Heat Illness Prevention (Spanish)
Unit 8 Safety Brief - Tractor Hazards, Swanson Farms
Module 3 Cipponeri Family Farms
Unit 1 Chemical Handling-Pesticide Safety Brief
Unit 2 First Aid & CPR Safety Brief
Unit 3 Heat Illness Safety Brief
Unit 4 Ladder Safety Brief
Unit 5 Personal Protective Equipment Safety Brief
Unit 6 Safe-Lifting and Ergonomics Safety Brief
Unit 7 Tractor Safety Brief
Unit 8 Heat Illness Prevention