Safety Boot Camp

These units will be directed to new hire safety orientation with many topics and hazards covered.

Module 1 Safety Orientation - Office Environment
Unit 1 Welcome to the Swanson Family of Companies!
Unit 2 New Employee Safety Training
Unit 3 Texting and Driving - It Can Wait (Video only)
Unit 4 Avoiding Sprains and Strains
Unit 5 Slips, Trips, Falls
Module 2 Safety Orientatioun - Manufacturing Environment
Unit 1 Cardinal Rules for Safety - Boot Camp
Unit 2 Your Safety Matters
Unit 3 Pinch Points and Other Hazards of Feed Milling Equipment
Unit 4 Electricity - The Silent and Invisible Killer
Unit 5 Wheel Loader and Portable Mixer Hazards
Unit 6 Forklift Classroom Training
Module 3 Safety Orientation - Job Hazards
Unit 1 Grain Flaker/Roller Top Hazards
Unit 2 Pellet Mill Hazards
Unit 3 Boiler Attendant Training
Module 4 Safety Orientation - Vehicle Maintenance
Unit 1 Fleet Shop Safety
Unit 2 Tires and Wheels, Tire Cage and Shop Hazards
Unit 3 Truck Under-Carriage Feed Combustion
Module 5 Temporary and Contract Workers
Unit 1 Temporary Worker Hazards