Hazard Communication, Chemical Safety & GHS

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration created the Hazard Communication Standard, commonly called HAZCOM, to protect workers from any chemical hazards they may encounter while on the job. This standard is also used to assist employers in identifying and addressing any potential dangers in their workplaces.

The Globally Harmonized Standard (GHS) defines and classifies the hazards of chemical products and communicates health and safety information on labels and safety data sheets). The goal is that the same set of rules for classifying hazards, and the same format and content for labels and safety data sheets (SDS) will be adopted and used around the world.

In December’s training, we’ll watch a video on Chemical Safety and GHS.

There are also instructions on how to retrieve SDS information within the training video and separately attached to the month’s training units.  Remember, it’s a requirement for all affected employees to be trained on GHS and Hazcom as well as know and understand the chemicals they work with and how/where to access the SDS information. This training must be given in full.

CalOSHA training requirement satisfied with this unit – “Hazard Communication”

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