Hazard Communication – the Right to Know

For the final month of 2015, the Safety Meeting topic is Hazard Communication.  It is very important that we know how to safely handle any workplace chemicals and dry or liquid feed ingredients.  The month of December is also a pivotal month in the launch of the Globally Harmonized System of labeling and classification of chemicals in order to standardize information across our global economy.  This training unit includes an overview of this new standard.  And finally, we are introducing our electronic database for access to our MSDS/SDS Safety Data Sheets.  The new system is much faster in locating any needed information regarding the materials that we handle in our manufacturing operations.  Special thanks to our (Slightly goofy) summer workers for their fantastic work on the new SDS Database!  Great work ladies!  Let’s have a SAFE December with ZERO injuries!

CalOSHA training requirement satisfied with this unit – “Hazard Communication”

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