How Come HAZCOM?

How come HAZCOM?  Because we work around chemicals of all kinds and it is important to know how to handle them safely and what to do if we are exposed to them unexpectedly.  Now that Safety Data Sheets conform to a standard format, it is easier to find information regarding the materials we deal with.  We have also made finding the correct SDS much faster than using the traditional paper binder method.  Our SDS’s are being stored in a very accessible format with almost instant search results allowing us to retrieve and print SDS’s within seconds vs. endless searches through stacks of paper in a binder.    The two short videos in this unit are followed by a Power Point presentation on the Hazard Communication standard.  Finally, take the quiz together to finish this important unit.  Let’s finish the year strong and have a SAFE December with ZERO injuries!

CalOSHA training requirement satisfied with this unit – “Hazard Communication”

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