Industrial Vehicle Hazards & Forklift GISO Rules

Feed manufacturing and shipping simply cannot be accomplished without the use of heavy mobile equipment.  Along with the wonderful benefits of these tools come hazards that must be understood and managed.  The September Safety Training Unit provides a few good reminders for avoiding injury in and around forklifts, wheel loaders tractors and man lifts.

This year we’ve added an additional 11 minutes of video training that emphasis some common at-risk trends and specifically focuses on the non-negotiable rules for Forklift Driving covered in the General Industry Safety Orders.  This information is great for both drivers and pedestrians to review and allows a leadership blueprint for general rule enforcement and positive reinforcement.

If you haven’t printed up and posted these rules please do so immediately where forklift drivers can see them.  We’ve included them in the training and you can also visit the website (below).

Download (PDF, 269KB)

For further information visit for Operating Requirements under General Industry Safety Order 3664 Operating Rules (Part (a))  &  General Industry Safety Order 3650 Industrial Trucks. General (Part (t))

This Unit Satisfies OSHA Training Requirement:  Industrial Lift Trucks (Forklifts) and Tractors

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