LOTO and Safety Instructions

Working on any equipment without first isolating all sources of energy is hazardous duty.  Our plants are full of equipment powered by 480 VAC which has enormous killing power when handled carelessly.  Pressurized air is frequently used to power gates, mixer doors, and valves.  Many types of energy are employed in the manufacturing process and all of them have the power to injure.  We are incorporating safe operating guidelines into our machine-specific LOTO instructions so we can get a double benefit in training our new production employees as well as good general reminders for all employees of the common hazards we face in our equipment operation.  May we all commit to taking every precaution possible as we go about our daily work on equipment that can and will hurt us if we allow ourselves to become careless about locking out or tagging our equipment correctly, every time.

CalOSHA Training Requirement Satisfied – “Lockout/Blockout”

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