LOTO – Lockout Tagout/Blockout

Working on any equipment without first isolating all sources of energy is dangerous and could injure or kill you and/or peers.  Do not perform maintenance on any equipment that requires LOTO unless you have been trained to do so.

Hazardous energy sources that need to be controlled include: Electrical, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Chemical & Thermal.

Pressurized air (pneumatic source) is frequently used to power gates, mixer doors, and valves.  This requires LOTO just like any other power source that can injure or kill.

Electrical sources from 110V to 480V are scattered throughout our mills and offices to power equipment. Depending on the amperage and the human body’s reaction, any one of these sources can kill a person.

Remember, safety is our utmost top priority. Energy sources that power our day-to-day are tremendously beneficial but need to be treated with respect and maintained safely without exeption.

Our LOTO written program is located and accessible to users on the Train Trac under “Written Programs”.

CalOSHA Training Requirement Satisfied – “Lockout/Blockout.”

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